Every year we conduct several great evangelical campaigns throughout the country, often in partnership with other evangelists, pastors and churches. Jesus Christ is always the central person of our campaigns, and we preach Him as “And the Word (was made flesh, and) dwelt among us” and His death, burial, and above all, that He has risen and is alive today! We lift up and preach Jesus as Lord, we preach the Gospel with accompanying signs and wonders and demonstrate the power of this Gospel! X

Church Planting

Together with a core team of six people, all of us are experienced church planters, we run a project for church planting. Our goal is to have new, living churches in places where the Gospel did not have a strong foothold before. Since 2007, we have an increasing and close relationship with Pastor Belay Kekeba, a famous and respected church planter and pioneer pastor.

Joshua Mission Institute

We started bible school which helps all Christian society to have good knowledge of the word of God.
For this matter to all peoples who want to know God and want to have good knowledge of word of God
are welcome to our bible school.

Joshua 1:11
“…. to go in to possess the land, which the Lord your God giveth you to possess it.”